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HostCoin was founded in 2017 in the United States. All of our servers are located in the continental United States. HostCoin is an industry leader because we are customer focused. Our service is hassle-free and reliable. All of our equipment is carefully chosen to ensure maximum up-time and performance. Our security is top notch to protect you and your customers against malicious attacks. The physical security at our data center is second to none.


OUR MOTTO At HostCoin we guarantee SECURE SUPERIOR SPEED. The facilities, your websites, and your customers are SECURE. The performance is SUPERIOR. And the network is high SPEED.

What we do:

We provide fast, friendly services. We are reliable, transparent, secure, and affordable for individuals and businesses. Our team is qualified and motivated to ensure that your experience at HostCoin is exactly what you need from your hosting company.

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